Monday, 13 October 2014

Library Services in KiiT International School

Library Services

This is my first blog post; it's my pleasure to start my blog with school library services. Time is right to think new services for 21st century user, as a professional of library I have to search new ways to connect user and library. It is not an easy job because we have to see user needs and their interest, but I worked on it and find out some solutions to reach user through new services using internet and some databases which we subscribed. Fallowing services have been implemented recently in our library effectively. 

1.      Glimpses of the last week
2.      Inquiry Based Information Service (IBIS)
3.      Scholarly Article Service (SAS)  

1. Glimpses of the last week
                             In Odisha, India and rest of the world
I have introduced new service called "Glimpses of the last week" in our library three months ago. When it was started it received lukewarm response from our user community. Gradually it has become one of the popular service in our library.

Oh I am sorry, I have not even told you what it is? And how it works in school environment?  As a librarian what is our duty and so on......

Let me start with Glimpses of the last week, this service comes under school library knowledge enhancement programme. This service will give information on what was happened last week around us on particular subject which will help him/her to fulfill their curriculum needs.  

Librarian has to access possible news channels, dailies, magazines and other sources of information regularly to collect and disseminate information which was published previous week on particular subject on particular day to satisfy user needs of the moment.

Some people could say, instead of this service if we go and have rss feed will get better result but here, we can give information on one subject from limitless sources. 

Users will get bibliography details like Author name, published date and source from where it was published then web link of the particular information or article. Collected articles we need to segregate under three categories according to published place or area like state, country and around the world. 

Most popular and authenticated articles collected from most trust worthy publications of the world.
Dailies like Times of India, Hindu, New York Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph etc. Magazines like Economic and Political Weekly, The Economist, National Geographic Magazine and Forbes etc. Journals like Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and other popular journals.  
We have listed subjects under three main areas of human society that is State, country and the World. Under each category we are going to give most popular and authenticated articles on each subjects on each day. (Monday to Saturday)

FRIDAY              :  TECHNOLOGY

Each subject on each day on each part of our society
Ex. Education is the subject
In Odisha
In India
Around the world

2. Inquiry Based Information Service (IBIS) 
"On request service"

Are you worried!! Do you have shortage of time? To know where to get information or how to get / acquire an information on your school (student's) assignments, projects, activities, research works and so on.....


Be ready  to share your project or assignment details with us a week before or at least two days before, we will be there to help you in your class work and other projects, particularly for your student's need.

3.   Scholarly Articles Service ( SAS)

The term “scholarly” applies to both the nature of the content and type of authors. High proportion of articles based on original scholarship or research.

Your teacher (guide) may need to see you to write an extended essay using sources from scholarly journals, databases and some other authenticated sources. What does that mean? Why does it matter? And how do you find such things? 

Scholarly journals are specialized publications that feature original research or analysis written by experts. Most scholarly journals are peer-reviewed or refereed -- that means every article is reviewed by a panel of experts before it is accepted for publication.

Your Teacher might tell you to use scholarly journals or databases because they realised and considered databases are most accurate and reliable sources for IBDP and CBSE students, so defifinitely they will get benefit from university-level work. Using scholarly journals is also a good way to learn how experts conduct research and share their findings.

Knowing this process helps you to become a critical thinker and acquire professional expertise.
So now
I would like to give you some information about Scholarly Article Service (SAS) for the serious user of our library community.

This service also comes under school library knowledge enhancement programme.
This is purely on request service

How it works?

  • On the basis of user request, we are going to provide authenticated information and articles for their research work.

  • User must have to mention the subject, title of the research work and exact topic information on SAS request form.

  • Student will get bibliographic information with authenticated articles for their research work.

  •  We are here to help you on all other queries related to this service, if you have any questions please  come and meet us in library during school days from morning 8am to evening 5pm.
  •  More details Contact  : Mr. Santosh kumar Akki  Head Librarian
  • Through Email :